Arts Faculty Rollover Program 2019 Onward

Monday, September 9, 2019

Since 2006, the Faculty of Arts has used a four-year cycle for the replacement of Faculty members' computers. We are now beginning the transition to a five-year cycle for the following reasons:

  • We have always provided the best computers the Faculty could afford, and the capacity of the computers we have been providing in recent years, at no cost to the Faculty members, has increased.
  • In order to continue providing such capable machines in an era of budgetary constraint, and when the number of Faculty members in Arts is larger than it was in 2006, spreading the purchases over five years rather than four makes sense.
  • The Apple and Dell computers that we provide already have a service window closer to six years (i.e., before needing replacement), so expecting them to be functional for five years is not unreasonable.


Because Faculty members whose computers were provided four years ago have naturally worked on the assumption that they would be replaced this year, we are proceeding with a "soft" rollout of this new practice. Those faculty members will be contacted and offered the opportunity to explain why it would make sense to replace their computers this year, rather than waiting for one more year. 


We will attempt to accommodate as many Faculty members making such a request as possible, consistent with the need to replace an equivalent number of computers per year. We will continue to be responsive to requests for new computers from Faculty members whose computers, for legitimate reasons, require replacement faster than the standard rollover cycle. For Faculty members willing to wait the fifth year, we will also be receptive to requests to improve the functionality of their existing computer, such as providing an additional monitor.


Please feel free to reach out to myself or Bob with questions or to discuss further.




William R Baer, BASc (Systems Design)                   Robert W. Park

Director IT - Arts Computing Office (ACO)              Associate Dean of Arts (Co-operative Education and Planning)

Bill.Baer @                                              and Professor and Acting Chair, Anthropology

PAS 2081A x32157 or 905-320-0483 (cell)              PAS 2419; Extension 35016 or 226-339-9002 (cell)


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