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The Arts Endowment Fund (AEF) Board may ask that you or your group attend a meeting to make a presentation about your funding proposal. If you are asked to make a presentation, you must do so to be eligible for funding.

Presentations occur once each term, on the Board's request. If you are unable to attend, you may ask a member of your group to attend the Board meeting instead.

Typically the Board will ask applicants to make a presentation if there are a number of questions about a proposal, or if there are numerous proposals and priorities must be established for funding.

Presentations will be kept to a 5 minute maximum by the AEF Board co-chairs.

Please use the following presentation format:

  1. Briefly explain your proposal, and how it will benefit undergraduate Arts students (1-2 min). 
  2. Describe the following (1-2 min)
    1. How many students will be affected, including courses/teams/clubs that realistically may benefit from this proposal. 
    2. Any other attempts you have made or are making to obtain funding for your proposal. It is strongly encouraged that you DO attempt to obtain funds from other sources (Arts Student Union, Federation of Students, your department, corporate sponsorship) as well as from AEF
    3. For a department-focused proposal, please indicate why the Faculty has not provided funding to cover the item or project. 
    4. If the Board has asked questions in advance, please provided responses as part of your presentation.
    5. In any time remaining, describe any medium or long term effects of the proposed project, significant achievements by your student group, AEF promotion within your team or department, successful AEF purchases in the past, etc. (1-2 min) 
  3. Following the presentation, you may be asked questions by Board members. Please keep your answers brief. Five minutes will be allocated for questions and answers.

If you will need a laptop/projector, please advise the Board member who contacts you to request a presentation.