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Funded initiatives

Here are just a few examples of the wonderful student initiatives supported by the Arts Endowment Fund (AEF):

students perform in cabaret on stage

Students in UWaterloo Cabaret Club perform using microphones purchased with AEF support.

student using laptop

Classical Studies student uses laptop purchased with AEF support for creating their undergraduate journal, Tiresias.

Office with tables chairs and comfy chairs

The History Society benefited from AEF support when they purchased new furniture for the Society's meeting room.

students of the Islamic society smile for the camera

The Muslim Students Association received AEF support for their annual Islamic history lecture and dinner.

table with clipboard on display

The AEF provides clipboards for Arts Orientation each year.

Image of Arbus T-Shirts funded by the Arts Endowment Fund

The ARBUS Student Society benefited from AEF support when they purchased T-shirts to sell and raise funds for their society.

Image of French Student Lounge chairs funded by the AEF.

The French Student society benefited from AEF support when they purchased new chairs for the Society's meeting room.