About the Arts Student Community

A large group of Arts student volunteers posing with Porcellino in Hagey Hub

The Arts Student Community (ASC) site is run by the Arts Community Engagement (ACE) Team. It is a one-stop resource for Arts Undergraduate students who would like to keep up-to-date with  what's happening in Arts! Here, you can find information on upcoming and past events, volunteer opportunities, student resources & Arts-related news.  

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a platform to share information relevant to Arts students and to foster a strong sense of community with Arts. We encourage students to get involved and meet students from across the Arts faculty. We run numerous events and initiatives throughout each term focused on enhancing the Arts student experience. 

The ACE Team - Who We Are:

ACE team members

The ACE team is a group of enthusiastic, and motivated Arts student volunteers within the Faculty of Arts. They are the driving force behind all of the Arts Engagement events on campus. They dedicate their free time to ensure that our events are a success and to foster a strong sense of community among all Arts students! Some of the past events held include: Midterm De-stress, Declare a Major parties, and Whine & Cheese. 

The ACE team also shares their experiences of student life with future Arts students at recruitment events such as You @ Waterloo Day and new student transition events such as Arts 101 and Orientation. 

The ACE team runs in the Fall, Winter and Spring and accepts applications each term. Members of the ACE team are student leaders within the Arts community and gain valuable communication and event management skills, while contributing new ideas to further student engagement. If you'd like to learn more, or join the ACE team, view our application page.