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Tunnel Mural Project

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

ML Tunnel

Calling All Artists!

An opportunity for new campus art has presented itself and you could design it! The west tunnel wall connecting EV1 and ML is due for a touch up and students have the chance to design a mural that will cover it, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Environment Student Society (ESS) and the Arts Student Union (ASU). 

From now until February 27th, all students from both faculties can submit a design for the 30-metre wall that symbolizes the connection and cooperation of the two faculties. The proposed design consists of three sections that will seamlessly flow together. The sections consist of the following (from right to left): Environment Faculty representation, collaboration between the Arts and Environment, Arts Faculty representation. This design should acknowledge the distinction between the two groups while also emphasizing their ability to compliment one another in the world of academia and beyond.

Attached below is a pdf with the dimensions of the wall that may be used as a template. You have the option of submitting a digital copy to the president emails (, of either student society or submitting a physical copy to the offices of either student society. After all submissions have been received, ASU and ESS will choose their favourite design for submission to Plant Operations. 

Please ensure that your art piece meets the design criteria and be cognizant that this is well-used corridor. The successful mural design will not be painted but printed on an opaque adhesive film, much like the periodic table of elements in CEIT (Earth Sciences building). Since paint will not be used, the design may be as intricate as you would like! 

We look forward to your submissions!

Click here to download the Mural Template