Ideas and action

The Faculty of Arts is a large and dynamic community of students, faculty and staff working in and across the humanities, social sciences and creative arts. Our ideas and actions are propelled by curiosity, creativity, and a deep commitment to contribute to a better world.

  1. Aug. 25, 2016Sociology research on "summer setback" in demand as school year approaches

    12 media interviews in one day and counting. Professor Janice Aurini is busy juggling media requests this week (and last) as back-to-school approaches. Parents, educators and journalists want to know what her research tells us about the school break phenomenon summer setback.

  2. Aug. 22, 2016How an Arts student went from being homeless to winning a Trudeau scholarship

    When Jesse Thistle was battling addiction, he slept in shelters for homeless people, on friends’ couches and even the streets. At the time, he was angry at his parents for giving him up for adoption and confused about his aboriginal heritage.

  3. Aug. 18, 2016Sociology PhD thesis on Indigenous education draws media attention

    Sociology doctorate Emily Milne (PhD '15) has received nationwide media coverage when research from her dissertation on family-school relationships among Indigenous peoples was recently published in two journals, including the Canadian Review of Sociology.

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