Priority 6: governance

Revitalizing collegial governance and administration

Reinvigorating governance in an inclusive and collegial manner will ensure we move forward with sustainable planning practices. By reviewing our current committee structures, administrative divisions, and decision-making processes, we strive to increase engagement and commitment across the Arts community. This revitalization will include the following objectives and associated action plans:

Objective 1
Ensure a culture of discussion and participation in collegial governance within the Faculty of Arts


  • Review membership and mandates of current standing committees
  • Review scheduling and agenda of Arts Faculty Council and Arts Faculty Council Executive to increase participation

Objective 2
Review and where appropriate revise administrative structures for a more sustainable and efficient Faculty organization


  • Develop and implement structures that better integrate Stratford Campus into the Faculty of Arts
  • Review current department and support unit organization and introduce appropriate reforms which ensure greater sustainability
  • Facilitate staff training opportunities and support succession planning