Appendices: strategic planning process, people, reports

The Strategic Plan includes the reports and data linked below. These contain consultation summaries, gathered data, recommendations, feasibility studies, and reviews of possible implementations. The outcomes of the Task Force and Working Groups guided the strategic priorities, goals, and actions; as such, they are an integral part of the Arts Strategic Plan 2014-19.

Task Force members | Task Force reports | Teaching Working Group| Research Working Group | Programs & Advancement Working Group | Space & Community Working Group

Task Force members (winter/spring 2012)


  • Co-chair: Theresa Libby, Accounting & Finance
  • Co chair: David DeVidi, Philosophy
  • Kathy Acheson, English Language & Literature
  • Doug Kirton, Fine Arts
  • Myra Fernandes, Psychology
  • Tara Collington, French Studies
  • Kieran Bonner, Sociology & Legal Studies, St Jerome's University


  • Eric Breugst, Arts Undergraduate Office
  • Barb Yantha, Arts Computing Office

Undergraduate students:

  • Bradley Moggach, Political Science (4th year), former President of both Arts Student Union and Feds
  • Alana Vandervoort, History-Legal Studies (4th year), Arts Undergraduate Senator and Vice-President Academic on Arts Student Union

Graduate students:

  • Kyle Scholz, German Studies PhD program (2nd year), Graduate Student Association German Studies rep
  • Jill Campbell-Miller, History PhD program (4th year), Graduate Student Association History rep

Task Force reports and data

Mission, vision and guiding principles (PDF)

Strategic priorities (PDF)

State of the Faculty (PDF)

Task Force consultation process (PDF)

Arts strategic planning data (PDF)

Teaching Working Group 

The working group on Teaching is co-chaired by Linda Warley (Associate Professor of English, and Associate Dean, Graduate Studies) and Doug Kirton (Associate Professor of Fine Arts, and member of the 2012 Arts Strategic Planning Task Force).


  • Brian Orend (Philosophy)
  • Anindya Sen (Economics)
  • Donna Ellis (Centre for Teaching Excellence)
  • Rocco Fondacarro (Co-op)
  • Mike Dixon (Psychology)
  • Dorothy Hadfield (Extended Learning Co-ordinator in English)
  • Renishaki Kamalanathan ‎(Arts Student Union)
  • Gordon Pennycook, graduate student

Teaching working group report (PDF)

Research Working Group 

The working group on Research is co-chaired by Kathy Acheson (Associate Professor of English) and Tim Kenyon (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean, Research)


  • Liz Nilsen (Psychology)
  • Barbara Schmenk (Germanic & Slavic Studies)
  • Ken Klassen (Accounting and Finance)
  • Mikal Skuterud (Economics)
  • Angela Roorda (Arts Research Development Officer)
  • Jessica Genik (Arts Student Union rep)

Research working group report (PDF)

Programs and Advancement Working Group

The working group on Programs and Advancement is co-chaired by Bill Chesney (Associate Professor of Drama and Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies) and Shannon Dea (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Arts Teaching Fellow).


  • Chloe Baron (Undergraduate rep)
  • Sarah Skyvington (Grad rep)
  • Kim Bardwell (Director, Advancement)
  • John Michela (Psychology, I/O)
  • Donna Psutka (Accounting and Finance)
  • Judi Jewinski (Renison University College)

Programs and Advancement working group report (PDF)

Space and Community Working Group

The working group for Space and Community is co-chaired by Robert Park (Professor of Anthropology and Associate Dean, Arts for Computing) and Bruce Taylor (Professor of Fine Arts).


  • Chloe Baron (Undergraduate student representative and Arts Student Union President)
  • Suzan Ilcan (Professor of Sociology)
  • Scott Spidell (Faculty member in Drama)
  • Debbie Stanley-Pallas (Operations Co-ordinator, Dean of Arts Office)
  • Danielle Stock (Graduate student representative)

Space working group report (PDF)