Enabling research opportunity and impact

Arts researchers produce nationally and internationally recognized scholarship, including peer-assessed research and scholarship in the form of influential disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, as well as research intended to provide solutions to immediate societal challenges. The development of our scholarly community is enabled when support processes and resources are transparent and accessible to researchers across the Faculty. To achieve our research and scholarship goals we will pursue the following objectives and associated action plans:

Objective 1: Strengthen and sustain the conditions that support high-quality research 


  • Identify  and dedicate discipline-sensitive funding to support faculty researchers, including competitive course releases
  • Support greater transparency and best practices in allocation of resources
  • Streamline processes and reduce redundancies where possible
  •  Develop Faculty-specific guidelines and procedures for the initiation and support of research centres and institutes

Objective 2: Enable interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research activity


  • Review current practices and procedures to identify ways in which interdisciplinary research can be better supported, including support for Indigenous research based on equitable partnerships with Indigenous scholars and communities. (Action revised May 2017)

  • Create opportunities for interested researchers across disciplines to meet and collaborate

Objective 3: Lead national discussions about measuring research impact


  • Work with Tri-councils and the Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences to develop broad-based definitions and criteria for assessing impact of scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and creative arts

Objective 4: Enhance communication of research developments and outcomes


  • Ensure that research excellence and impact is a central plank in our communications plan, including media outreach