Optimizing space

The most consistent theme emerging from the strategic planning task force consultations, expressed in every meeting with departments, staff and students, is the need for better space if Arts is to meet its goals in education, research and student engagement. To respond to these issues we will pursue the following objectives and associated action plans:

Objective 1: Improve the use of Arts’ current space for all needs - teaching, research, study and social


  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of Arts spaces
  • Implement a made-in-Arts Space Management Policy

Objective 2: Construct new space to meet the needs of our growing community


  • Build an atrium enclosing the Hagey Hall courtyard to meet Arts students’ urgent need for social and study space
  • Plan a new Arts building and secure the funding necessary to build it, in order to meet Arts’ critical shortage of research space, state of the art teaching space, and to free up space in our current buildings