2019 Arts Young Alumni Award recipient, Marc Hall, BA '09 (Psychology)

Waterloo President with Marc HallAfter graduating with from UWaterloo, Marc received his M.Sc. in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London in the UK – one of the top programs in the world for neuroscience.

Marc now works as a Research Associate for the University of Calgary’s Nursing Research Office where he mentors, trains, and assists faculty, students, and staff on how to do research, especially project coordination, data collection, ethics, and analysis. He is a co-author on multiple publications and presentations. He was awarded the 2017 Faculty of Nursing Above and Beyond Award and the 2017 Outstanding Team Award.

Marc continues to make significant contributions as an activist and storyteller for LGBTQ+ rights. Since 2002, when he won a court injunction against his high school board in Oshawa for the right to take his boyfriend to prom, his story has been made into a documentary (2002), a made-for-TV movie (2004), and most recently been adapted into the musical “The Louder We Get”.  The musical has seen much success with workshops at Sheridan College (2014), New York City’s Festival of New Musicals (2016), Other Palace in London (2018) and will be opening at the Theatre Calgary for a 28-show run in January 2020. As a result, Marc continues to travel across Canada to share his experiences in high schools and universities, inspiring a new generation of students in the country.