2018 Arts Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

Susheel GuptaSusheel Gupta is a proud father of two and a lawyer by profession. Most recently he was the Vice-Chairperson of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

He is the 2016 recipient of the Ontario Bar Association's President's Award which recognizes the significant contribution of an individual Canadian or Canadian organization to the advancement of Justice in Ontario or elsewhere.  In Susheel’s case, it was for his dedication to the rights of victims of crime and the improvement of the justice system.

Prior to his time at the Tribunal he worked with the Department of Justice War Crimes Section, was Special Advisor to the President and CEO at CATSA, and has been a Federal Prosecutor with the Department of Justice.

During his time as a Federal Prosecutor he was designated an Advisor on Computer Crime. He regularly presents on the legal aspects of Cybercrime.  He has been a member on several expert Computer Crime Working Groups nationally, and was a Canadian designate to task forces on Cybercrime with the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service.

With respect to National Security, Susheel was one of the co-counsels in Canada's first prosecution under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Susheel volunteers extensively with organizations dedicated to educating young people on Canada’s justice system and with organizations involved in supporting and advocating for victims of crime in Canada and internationally.

On a more personal note, Susheel has been actively involved in issues concerning national security and terrorism. He was 12 years old when his mother was murdered in the Air India Flight 182 terrorist bombing.  It was this terrorist incident and tragedy that led him down the path to a career working in the public service.