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International exchange

international exchange


Expand your world on an international exchange

On an international exchange, your education goes beyond the traditional classroom.

  • Broaden your world view and experience the subjects you study first-hand
  • Enhance your cultural understanding and cross-cultural communication skills
  • Learn how to be adaptable and innovative for today's globalized world
  • Earn credit towards your Waterloo degree

Not convinced yet? Listen to Mary's story below

Want more reasons to go on an international exchange? Listen to what other exchange students have to say!

With over 90 partner universities, you can study in destinations within the United Kingdom, Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Chile, Barbados and so much more!

Ready to go?

You'll want to start preparing for your exchange as early as first year!

Learn more about the Global Experience Certificate and where other students have been by clicking below. 

global experience certificate           map your experience

Image credit: Melissa Baluk.

By clicking on the links below you can learn more about certificates and specializations that can be added onto your bachelor of arts degree!

global experience  certificate

International trade video on YouTube.