1. Tell us about yourself.

2. Where did you go on exchange, and why did you decide on that destination?

3. Did you have any difficulties or challenges during your time in Israel?

4. Did the language barrier have an impact on your education at the Hebrew University? What were the teaching styles like at the university?

5. Can you tell us about your accommodation during your exchange in Israel?

6. What are some of the activities you participated in while on exchange?

7. Tell us about a cultural activity you participated in.

8. Tell us about a memorable experience you had in Israel.

9. What is your favourite cultural food from Israel? How did you deal with missing North American food?

10. How has the exchange experience impacted you?

11. Where are some of the places you visited after your exchange to Israel?

12. Did you have any memorable experiences in Africa that’d you’d like to tell us about?

13. Do you have any advice for prospective exchange students?