In this interview video, Elisa talks about her international exchange experience in France, at Université Paris Dauphine.

Click CC to play with English-language subtitles.

Questions answered:

  • What was the application process like for you as a Science student going on exchange through the Faculty of Arts?
  • Tell us about yourself and where you went on exchange.
  • Why did you choose to go to France for your exchange?
  • What courses did you take in France and what was the teaching and learning style like at Dauphine?
  • How was the student life at Dauphine?
  • What are some differences between living in Waterloo and living in Paris?
  • Tell us about any challenges you faced in France.
  • Describe a positive experience you had in France.
  • How was the cost of living in Paris compared to Waterloo?
  • What would you say about French cuisine? Does it live up to its reputation?
  • Would you say the exchange has impacted you as a student or as a person? How?
  • If you could go on another exchange, where would you go?
  • Any words of advice for prospective exchange students?