All Waterloo graduate program applications are completed via our online application.

Preparing to apply

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for applying online:
  • Contact and confirm with your two or three referees that they are willing and able to be a reference for your application; tell them about the program to which you’re applying and why you want to take the program; make sure you have your referee’s full name and professional title, and their correct email address.
  • Contact the registrar’s office of your previous/current post-secondary institution(s) to acquire copies of your ‘unofficial’ transcripts for all programs you completed or partly completed (if you have the option, ask for transcripts as an electronic file; otherwise, scan the paper transcript). Note: only once you've received an offer of admission into the program do you need to arrange for your 'final, official' paper transcripts to be mailed to Waterloo in a stamped, sealed envelope.
  • Write and re-write your application ‘statement of interest’, which most of our programs require. Note: copy/paste your statement text into the online application only once you've perfected it, proofread it and feel confident that you’ve stated exactly what you want to say…. because once it’s been added to the online application, you cannot make changes to it.

Note to international applicants

While the Faculty of Arts at the University of Waterloo deeply values the contributions of international students in our graduate programs, we can only accept a small percentage of these students. This constraint is entirely based on University and government budget models, making it financially unfeasible to accommodate a larger cohort of international students. We would like to ensure that you are aware of this constraint before you proceed with your application.