COVID-19 and your research

Grad student working on laptop, wearing a cloth mask

Faculty of Arts and Non-Lab Access to Campus Space

The safety of our students is the primary consideration, and the Faculty of Arts continues to encourage all graduate students to continue to work remotely.  However, we do recognize that some graduate students may have a compelling reason to request access to non-lab space on campus for the purpose of progressing in their degrees.  These reasons may include:

  • Insufficient or unreliable internet access;
  • Personal obligations such as child or family care that creates challenging environments;
  • Inability to access research resources that can’t be resolved remotely;
  • Working remotely significantly compromises research productivity.

At this time, requests to access space are contingent on the following:

  • Access to facilities will only be possible if students have been included in departmental/faculty occupancy considerations and plans;
  • Access to a campus facility at any time is limited by public health guidance on that facility’s occupancy limit.   

Process for requesting access:

  1. All graduate students who have a compelling reason reflected in the criteria set out above will submit a request through the webform on this page. If graduate students are part of their home department or school’s safety plan, their request will be sent to that department for consideration. If department safety plans do not yet include graduate students, the request will be considered by the Office of the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for access to shared space in PAS.  
  2. Once a decision is made, the applicant and their supervisor(s) will be notified. If approval is granted, details on permitted times and location of on-campus work will be specified. Those who are approved must limit their on-campus time, location, and activity to only what has been approved because of limitations on building and room capacities under Covid-19.
  3. Appropriate precautions must be in place and documented to protect employees and students. Approval to be on campus for research purposes requires the following safety precautions.

Safety guidelines

Before you arrive:

  • All mandatory training must be completed before coming to campus, including the mandatory Returning to Campus Safely During COVID;
  • Each day before you come to campus, the University asks that you complete a COVID-19 self-assessment which can also be found in the WatSafe App.
  • The University has developed a tool call Campus Check-In.  Information about what this is, how it affects you, and what information is collected can be found by visiting the University’s COVID-19 Campus Check-In webpage. Please familiarize yourself with this tool and be sure to check in each time you are on campus;
  • In addition to the Campus Check-In, all graduate students must Check In and Check Out when they are on campus using Faculty of Arts buildings.  This facilitates careful contact tracing and tracking the sanitization of workspaces.
  • Any graduate student requesting access who has a pre-existing medical condition that could be affected by COVID-19 must provide a letter from their primary health care provider indicating that the employee is medically able to return to campus, with no restrictions/limitations pertaining to the virus, other than taking the regular precautions (mask, physical distancing, hand-washing).
  • Graduate students and their supervisors should remember that the most up-to-date information from the University, can be found on the  Coronavirus website.

While you are on campus:

Please note: No one is permitted on campus if exhibiting COVID 19 symptoms.