Uzair BelgamiMA candidate | Global Governance

“I experienced many tensions and hierarchies spreading through society in the name of ‘development,'” explains Uzair, a MAGG student who began his studies at The University of Warwick. “I also found many problems in the way we were taught medicine, and and in some medical practices.” Having grown up Muslim in both the UK and India, Uzair let the questions he faced and the experiences he had lead him to his current area of research.

His research explores how diverse colonial hierarchies between Western knowledges/cultures/powers/societies and the rest of the world are maintained, and how these may be overcome through dialogue. “I am trying to understand some of the problems associated with classifying large parts of the world as ‘underdeveloped’ and then unleashing various interventions and measures to end their apparent backwardness. Similarly, I would like to explore some of the problems associated with unleashing supposed objective Western medicine around the world under the aegis of global health.”

Uzair started at The University of Warwick, where he finished his first Master’s before coming to Waterloo. “I was lucky that this was the first year that Warwick and Waterloo universities had established a partnership; it has been a very enriching experience. I have learnt and unlearnt so much through studying, traveling, and interacting with people of different cultures and backgrounds.”

Uzair will return to the UK in the fall to work towards a doctorate degree at the University of Cambridge. But first, he plans to travel Latin America this summer.