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The Green Office is a program started by the Sustainability Office in January 2016. Each Green Office is supported by an ambassador who helps drive the department through five steps to improve sustainability of their office:

  1. GO Ambassador: this step empowers department champions
  2. GO Check: ambassadors evaluate current practices
  3. GO Pledge: members of the department complete a participation pledge
  4. GO Action: ambassadors implement new practices in their department
  5. GO Awesome: departments receive recognition for their efforts

The Dean of Arts and Arts Undergraduate Office are the first offices on campus to achieve Bronze Green Office certification - and now we hold Silver! The Arts Green Office Team Committee was created to expand the Green Office initiative across the Faculty of Arts.

Arts Green Office Team logoArts Green Office Team

Members: Nadine Quehl, Juli-Ann Sannuto (Chair), Rachel Stevenson, Taryn Stutz, Sam Vandekerckhove. Additional members welcome!

The Arts Green Office Team provides a Faculty of Arts forum for strategic directions and practical suggestions for sustainability initiatives in our everyday lives on campus. We also host fun and inspiring events, such as the Green Grazing Lunch plant-based buffet.

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      food buffet     food buffet     food buffet

Here are some of the recipes we showcased at the Green Grazing Lunch so you can recreate them in your own home:


Does your department wish to become Green Office Certified? If so, contact us or the Sustainability Office for more information.

group of women smiling outdoorsEarth Day, 2016: Arts staff clean up! From top left: Emily Meninger, Marina Ivanova, Camille Graham, Donna Joudrey, Jennifer Book, Juli-Ann Sannuto, Erin Campbell, Sherri Anne Arsenault. Waterloo Arts Instagram


Links to downloadable resources:

logo for Silver Green Office certificationGreen Office Certification

As of November 2016, the Dean of Arts Office and the Arts Undergraduate Office are both certified as Silver Green Offices. (That means we are still green - not silvery-greenish - and have reached the silver standard for green-ness. Get it?).