Curriculum and UGAG Handbook

Curriculum and Undergraduate Affairs Group (UGAG) Handbook 

This material is intended for staff curriculum representatives and UGAG members, but may be shared with others involved in curriculum development. 

NOTE: Please report any changes in UGAG membership/representation, and undergraduate co-ordinator or similar admin staff roles, using the Report Change in Staff/Faculty to AUO form. This will ensure they receive access to the appropriate systems and resources needed.


  • AUO = Arts Undergraduate Office 
  • UGAG = Undergraduate Affairs Group 
  • AFC = Arts Faculty Council 
  • SUC = Senate Undergraduate Council  
  • AFIW = Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo

UGAG & Curriculum MS Team

  • Access is restricted to UGAG members and staff curriculum reps, in order to keep the Team size manageable and the curriculum submission process streamlined. Some sections of this handbook link to channels and materials that are only found in the Team. If you are involved in curriculum development for your academic unit, please contact your corresponding staff curriculum rep or UGAG member, or, to access these resources. 
  • Channels:




Preparing Curriculum Items for Approval 

Important Dates - Curriculum Approval Process



Approval Process