Maintaining our websites

While each Arts department is responsible for maintaining their own website, there is plenty of support available from three key areas: Arts Communications, Arts Computing Office, and Web Resources. Here is a breakdown of support offered.

Arts Communications support

Contact: Elizabeth Rogers, Communications Officer and primary point of contact regarding Arts websites.

  • New website requests, such as for academic units, research centre/lab/project, or conference sites
  • Quality assurance (QA) review and best-practice recommendations, including effective writing-for-the-web, accessibility, menu organization, page layout, heading styles, descriptive titles and links, use of right column spaceExamples of support:
  • Image/photo sourcing and editing
  • Uploading and managing videos on Arts YouTube channel
  • Access granted to new site editors
  • Training recommendations and guidance with registration

Arts Computing Office support

Contact: Arts Computing Helpdesk - co-op student team, Tel. ext. 44542

  • Technical or functionality guidance and questions, such as:
    • How do I set-up URL redirects?
    • How can I fix formatting problems?
    • How do I change the banner slide transition speed?
    • How can I rearrange the menu items?
    • How do I archive or delete pages?
  • Web form creation
  • Help with newsletter sites in WCMS (see

  • Help with Google Analytics 

  • Photo editing 

Waterloo Web Resources - WCMS support

The Web Resources website is a central support hub for all web maintainers at Waterloo. As the name suggests, there are many resources and links on this site to help us all keep our sites, fresh, accurate and accessible. Here are just a few: