Teaching Beyond Pedagogy Learning Community

The purpose of this learning community is to bring together Arts instructors around the following questions:

  • Who are our students?
  • Who are we, as teacher-scholars and scholar-teachers?
  • What is education?

And what is the impact of how we, and others, answer these questions?

In winter 2020, we met:

  • Fri Jan 17 1-2:30 Location: PAS 2438
  • Fri Feb 7 1-2:30 Location: Informally, at the Grad House
  • Fri Feb 28 3-4:30 Location: HH 373
  • Fri Mar 13 1-2:30 Location: HH 373 - cancelled to accommodate campus disruptions.

We look forward to reconvening in the future. 

Registration is not required. You may just show up, but we also appreciate an email. We welcome instructors from all faculties, including part-time, sessional, and grad instructors.

For more information, email Victoria Feth or Kevin Carey.