Ann Marie Rasmussen

Professor of Germanic & Slavic Studies; Diefenbaker Memorial Chair in German Literary Studies

Ann Marie RasmussenI’m not focused on content, per se. I am less interested in imparting specific content, but rather in using content as a way to practice and build abstract thinking, research, and communication skills. And of course, this works best when you have engaging content. Having excellent research skills, including information literacy, is fundamental for solving complex problems, for thinking well and for communicating clearly, and I’ve found that teaching students to become good researchers and good communicators has become, not easier but harder in today’s digital world. 

Thoughtful reassessment and being willing to experiment are necessary in order to figure out how to teach. Yet even as a medievalist, I’ve found that when I focus on communication, research and abstract thinking there does not have to be a disconnect between my research and my teaching. You can bring your research into the undergraduate classroom.

University of Waterloo

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