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Phillip Tanner at the water reservoir construction in Indonesia.

Philip Tanner

BA ’88 Political Science, MA ’90 Political Science

International development leader receives 14th annual Arts Alumni Achievement Award

2010 Arts Alumni Achievement Recipient: Phillip Tanner

Amanda Tkaczyk.

Amanda Tkaczyk

BA '12, Psychology

Less than a month after graduating from the University of Waterloo in August 2012, Amanda started her psychology PhD at the University of Pennsylvania. She spent a lot of time researching the graduate school application process, met with many advisers from the Centre for Career Action and read way too many online articles about graduate school.

Dave Tubbs.

Dave Tubbs

BA '08, History

David Tubbs graduated from the University of Waterloo in ’08 with an Honours BA in History with a specialization in Medieval History.

Lorie and Greg Walton with their family.

Lorie & Greg Walton

BA '83 Psychology with ECE & BMATH '84

Family comes first

Jud Whiteside

Jud Whiteside

BA '70 Political Science, LLB '73 (UWO)

Prepared… for anything!

Jeff Woodrow.

Jeff Woodrow

BA '02 Fine Arts

Woodrow creates a global community

Jeff’s story is unique. I say unique because it is something we all think about, but never get the nerve to do. Except in this case, Jeff did it. He quit his job and pursued his dream. That simple; that complex.

Tony Wagner

Tony Wagner

BA '85 Economics

Tony works in Toronto in the SAP Practice at a global consulting firm.

Natalie Tennant

Natalie Tennant

BA '07, English Literature

Natalie was born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario and had the opportunity to attend UW through St. Jerome’s studying English Literature. She lived in residence her first year and for the remainder of her undergrad, she floated between living in a student house with five of her friends and living at home with her family. Her first job out of University was as a Receptionist for a Trucking company.

Kelly Wen

Kelly Wen

BA '11 Economics, MA '12 Economics

Idealist, perfectionist and graduate of BA and MA Economics at Waterloo, Kelly Wen is the emcee, spokesperson and tour manager of Shen Yun Performing Arts, the world’s premier classical Chinese music and dance company. Over the past eight years, she has toured over 80 cities around the world, gracing the world’s most prestigious stages including New York’s Lincoln Center.

Danielle Palombi

Danielle Palombi

BA '05 Rhetoric and Professional Writing, MA '07 Rhetoric and Communication Design

Manager of the Centre of Student Academic Excellence within Library and Learning Services at Sheridan, Danielle oversees academic supports for the College, including its Tutoring Centres and Academic Integrity Offices. 

Marlie Melo.

Marlie Melo

BA '14 History

Born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, Marlie Melo graduated from the University of Waterloo in ’14 with an Honours B.A. in History with a minor in International Relations. She lived in residence her first year, and for the remainder of her undergraduate career, commuted from home.

Tim Westhead

Tim Westhead

Award-winning educator was an English graduate student at Waterloo


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