Farah Yusuf

MA Experimental Digital Media

Farah Yusuf“There is a lot going on in the area; Kitchener-Waterloo supports the arts quite a bit. I’m not sure if the audience is quite there but the city is putting money behind the arts and people are getting excited. Technology and arts are there and trying to burst out.” Farah Yusuf, a recent graduate of the Master of Arts Experimental Digital Media (XDM) program in the English Language and Literature department, explains that not only is the program unique, there is also a range of interesting events and projects happening in the K-W area that complement the student projects. 

With a background in fine arts, Farah looked for a graduate program that combined art with technology, and not only does the XDM program do just that, the city supports that balance.

In the summer of 2012, Farah put out an open call for emerging new media artists in Ontario. She used the submitted work to mount and curate a show in July at the InterAccess Media Arts Centre in Toronto. Her show, Corpus Lucida, focused on the relationship between bodies and technology. Participating artists opted for a twist on “interactive art,” instead choosing to examine the act of seeing itself, using optical illusions and embodied perception.

Under the guidance of Professor Marcel O’Gorman, Farah was then able to use this show as the practical component of her Major Research Project. The flexibility of the program in incorporating practical applications of work was a big draw for Farah. “I knew that I wanted to enroll in an MA program, rather than an MFA program. This program was perfect because there was a creative element; it wasn’t just a thesis-based Master’s.” Among the first to graduate from the MA XDM, Farah has returned to her line of work in media. She has moved from 3D animation and motion graphics work to interactive media experiences for museums. “The job is a nice blend of what I was doing originally and what I was able to learn and takeaway from UWaterloo.” 

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