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Lisa FeilLisa Feil is a returning UWaterloo student, having completed her undergraduate degree here in French Studies. As a participant of the French Teaching Specialization, Lisa then went on to Teacher’s College at Nipissing University. “I had the opportunity to work in French and see how it is taught and why it’s taught. There are so many different ways to approach it.” Lisa is now working towards her Master’s in French Studies, and hopes to pursue a career in teaching after graduation. “Completing the MA program after Teacher’s College allows you to improve your language skills before teaching. Many students don’t feel quite ready or comfortable enough with the language; taking your Master’s allows you to be in a French atmosphere and continue to improve your skill set.”

Lisa’s focus is in socio-linguistics, specifically the view of French in the Ontario school system. “I am hoping to understand the perception of French Studies and the subsequent effect on the language.” Lisa explains that the difficulties associated with teaching a language in the school system are quite different than those of more traditional subjects. She hopes to examine the difficulties of teaching French by surveying Canadian media, such as the place of English in Quebecois media and the place of French in English-Canadian media.

Lisa is just 2 months into the MA program and has not yet chosen a supervisor. Over the next month, she will look at the professors and their research areas in combination with her own topic and try to find the perfect fit. “I want to perfect my research question before I approach a potential supervisor.” As a returning student, Lisa is happy to be back in this close knit community. “All of the professors are really welcoming and willing to help you. It won’t be hard to find a supervisor that I am excited to work with.”

December 2013 Megan Scarborough

University of Waterloo

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