Marc Hurwitz

PhD Psychology alumnus; Chief Insight Officer, FliPskills Consulting; Lecturer, Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre, University of Waterloo

Marc Hurwitz“I’ve been a graduate student exploring the job market on more than one occasion. The first time, I started my own business and dropped out of grad school. The second time, I had a job and used the degree to change roles within the company. This time I had a plan and, even though there were times it seemed that the plan wasn’t working, it eventually fell into place.”

Marc Hurwitz graduated in 2011 with a PhD in Psychology (Neuroscience) and is now a Lecturer at UWaterloo’s Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre, teaching entrepreneurship to undergraduate students. Marc is a perfect fit for his role at the Conrad Centre; he has considerable corporate experience in human resources, information technology, finance, and marketing and is a successful entrepreneur, currently working as Chief Insight Officer and co-founder of his second venture: FliPskills Consulting.

For Marc, starting a consulting business was a natural fit, “I knew this was what I wanted to do even before I started my degree at UWaterloo. A PhD is always a strong calling card when you are a consultant; but, what I hadn’t realized was how much value a PhD in neuroscience would have. It’s a hot topic today… people want to talk about the brain.”

Marc’s work for FliPskills includes developing new ideas and content in the HR space; delivering keynotes, workshops and other training; and consulting. The company will also be releasing a book in the spring, to which Marc is a co-author.

Although he was always interested in teaching and consulting post-graduation, Marc’s philosophy on school has more to do with education than career preparation. “I’ve gone to school because there were things I wanted to learn rather than a specific career I was preparing for.”

When asked if he has any advice for current graduate students looking at the job market, his answer was simple: “Persistence. You might not start out where you think you should be, but journeys aren’t determined by beginnings and, often, not even by the what you initially thought the end would be.”

Marc began teaching BET300: Foundations of Venture Creation at the Conrad Centre in the fall term, 2014. 

University of Waterloo

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