Rosalind Abdool

MA Philosophy alumna, PhD Philosophy candidate; Clinical Ethicist, Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare and the Centre for Clinical Ethics

Rosalind AbdoolWhat drew you to your current role?

I have always loved philosophy - thinking through challenging situations with a reflective and critical lens. Another passion of mine is a strong dedication to helping others, especially those who struggle through difficult situations. I have been an active volunteer in my community for over a decade, including volunteering with various student groups in my undergraduate studies, local hospitals and the Waterloo-Wellington CCAC. Being a clinical ethicist combines both my philosophical interests and my desire to help others in my community.

Describe your journey after graduation. How did you get to where you are now professionally?

After graduating from the MA program in philosophy, I considered other career pathways, including medicine and other health-related professions. I quickly became involved at the Centre for Clinical Ethics (CCE) in Toronto as a volunteer for a research project on integrating values into everyday practice. This opportunity to see philosophy actively impacting daily practice of health professionals opened my eyes to a fascinating and challenging career in healthcare ethics. From my volunteer position, I became involved with the Canadian Bioethics Society as a board member for 3 years, networking and becoming more aware of and engaged in professional bioethics in Canada. I continued to work with the Centre for Clinical Ethics to gain further experience as a practicing healthcare ethicist, while working on my PhD at Waterloo in Philosophy, specializing in bioethics.

How has your degree prepared you for your current position?

Philosophy is about critical thinking and reflecting on various arguments and positions. My degree provided me with the background and skills in philosophical reasoning, as well as a rich knowledge of ethical theory and how it is put into practice in moral issues.

What are your career goals now?

My current career goals are to continue to learn, advance and grow in the field of bioethics. I love being a part of the healthcare system working with the CCE and with Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare. It’s an honor and privilege to work with patients, families and providers during challenging situations. Another milestone in my career is to complete my PhD this year.

Do you have any advice for current graduate students who are exploring the job market and planning what’s next?

Advice that I can offer is to be open-minded and explore opportunities that you might have never previously considered. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – ask lots of questions! Being enthusiastic to learn and to engage others about their fields and career paths is so important for understanding what opportunities are possible and available, not to mention networking with other in interesting various fields of work. It’s often those moments that you don’t think will impact your future that are actually key for advancing your career.

University of Waterloo

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