Samantha St. Amand

MA Economics

Samantha St. AmandSamantha St. Amand gives a very succinct perspective on the Master of Arts in Economics program, describing it as a “good gig.”

When asked about the decision to pursue a graduate degree, Samantha confides, “I was terrified coming into this. They run a two week math camp at the end of August, which is horrible because everyone is moving, it’s hot out, and no one wants to think about math at that time.” With a limited math focus during her undergrad in Economics at Laurier, Samantha was worried.  But in the end, she succeeded and explains, “It gets so much better from there!”

With first semester consisting of predominantly theoretical courses, Samantha describes midterms as “a bit heartbreaking.” But that theory is the backbone of the MA program and as difficult as the semester was, it was followed by the greatest sense of accomplishment. From there, Samantha moved into second semester: “it was great. I really enjoyed it. You get to take all of the classes that you want to take. It is probably more work than first semester but if you take the right electives, hopefully it is something that you really enjoy.”

With new roots planted in the area, Samantha hopes to continue to live in K-W after graduating with her MA in Economics. “The city is so convenient for students,” she exclaims. When choosing UWaterloo, Samantha cites the young faculty, fresh research, and focus on innovation as the big draws. “I was also attracted to the applied nature of the program, and the co-op opportunities it offers.” She explains that the UWaterloo MA in Economics has a large focus on developing research skills, which was something that she was looking to improve. “It’s a bit more hands-on than other schools that take a theoretical approach.”

Samantha will be starting her co-op placement in the fall, and expects to complete the program in winter 2014. So where does she go from here? “I’m thinking of doing my Masters in Statistics because I want to work in data and policy analysis. My professors tell me that I probably don’t need a second Master’s degree to get the kind of job I want… but I just love school.”

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