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Arts scholars in the media

Selected media hits featuring Arts faculty members:

Is the victim surcharge the next Supreme Court failure for Conservative crime agenda? | Emmett Macfarlane comments for The Ottawa Citizen | January 2015

"'As much as this is about the question of fairness with respect to the victim surcharge policy itself, I think this is also about judicial discretion. It kind of goes hand in hand with other issues like mandatory minimum sentencing.'"

The rise and fall of the new Turkey | Bessma Momani writes for The Toronto Star | January 6 2015

"In the last decade, observers of Turkey have marvelled at how far this great country has come. Taking advantage of its geostrategic position, its large and educated youth population, and its wide access to the markets that surround it, Turkey has been a great success story. [...] But President Recep Erdogan is now personally taking Turkey down a path of self-destruction from which it may be difficult to return."

The G20 didn’t help much during the financial crisis | Eric Helleiner (Political Science) interviewed in The Washington Post | January 6 2015

"Foreign official support for the dollar during the crisis reflected a number of distinct political factors that aligned in certain ways at the time. I don’t think we can assume that the alignment will be the same in a future crisis, not least because of various political reactions to the crisis experience, both abroad and within the U.S. itself."

Maple Leafs likely to miss playoffs, hockey analytics suggest | Phil Curry (Economics) writes for The Toronto Star | December 11 2014

"One of the biggest contributions of the current analytics movement has been to emphasize that teams can go on hot runs over relatively large stretches while being largely outplayed, but that such success is generally not sustainable for a full season."

Armed and Dangerous | Veronica Kitchen (Political Science) comments in The Walrus | December 1 2014

"Besides the privatization of security, mass events result in large one-time equipment purchases, which have unforeseeable uses. 'It’s often at these events where police forces can argue they need extra security equipment,' Kitchen told me."

Why Russians may soon tire of Putin’s antics | Bessma Momani (Political Science) writes for The Globe and Mail | November 14 2014

"It would be wise for Mr. Putin to start taking a look at how Russia’s once promising economy has turned into a pariah state on the global stage. Otherwise, the next global meeting host may give Mr. Putin an even colder welcome than Australia’s."

Study finds thousands of teens going to extreme lengths for online attention | Aimée Morrison (English) comments in The Toronto Star | November 12 2014

"'We have a culture that conflates celebrity kinds of attention with being important and being heard,' said Aimée Morrison"

Police offering amnesty, but not immunity, for illegal weapons | Jennifer Schulenberg (Legal Studies) on CTV News | October 29 2014

Inside the head of a horror fan | James Danckert (Psychology) on CBC Radio | October 28 2014

Catholic Church and LGBTQ community | Shannon Dea (Philosophy) on 570News | October 27 2014

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and Martin Couture-Rouleau: How Canada tracks homegrown radicals | Lorne Dawson (Sociology) comments in CBC  | October 27 2014

"Lorne Dawson [...] says that RCMP personnel have shown they are 'well-informed, well-intentioned and have the capacity to make sincere contact' with members of the Muslim community."

Students can vote in the municipality where they are temporarily residing | Anna Esselment (Political Science) on CTV News | October 25 2014

Dr. Veronica Kitchen to discuss how after following the recent attacks in Canada | Veronica Kitchen (Political Science) on MidPoint | October 22 2014

Homegrown Radicalization | Lorne Dawson (Sociology) on CTV News | October 22 2014

Radicalized young people feel like ‘a speck of dust in an uncaring universe’ before joining extremists like ISIS | Lorne Dawson (Sociology) comments in The National Post | October 22 2014

"What little evidence exists now indicates terrorists generally are no more likely to suffer from psychological problems than the general population, he said. As for the homegrown variety, some are second-generation immigrants struggling to find a place between their parents’ culture and Canadian society."

Homegrown Terrorism | Lorne Dawson (Sociology) on CTV News | October 20 2014

A tough day at the Supreme Court for supporters of a ban on assisted suicide | Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science) writes for Maclean's Canada | October 15 2014

"If yesterday’s hearing is any indication (and the scholar in me must again point out there’s always a chance it isn’t), the question is not whether this Court will rule that the absolute prohibition on assisted suicide is unconstitutional, but how."

The Supreme Court confronts assisted suicide, again | Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science) writes for Maclean's Canada | October 14 2014

"We should be extremely cautious about the constant appeal to the judiciary to solve our most pressing and controversial social and political problems. The Court’s role is particularly troubling in contexts where the justices are expected to balance competing rights, or to delve into complex policy matters, such as those relating to the design of the health care system or determining the distribution of scarce resources."

How a University of Waterloo prof helped find one of the Franklin expedition shipsRobert Park (Anthropology) on CBC Radio | October 9 2014

Target’s ‘sexist’ baby pyjamas spark social media outcry | Aimée Morrison (English) comments in The Globe and Mail | September 30 2014

"'Even for tiny babies, we seem to think of girls as gaining power and worth from whom they’re romantically linked to and boys get to become agents of action in their own right.'"

Caught in a Relationship Conflict You Can't Solve? Why 'Leaving' It Helps | Igor Grossmann (Psychology) comments in Huffington Post | September 29 2014

"The study author, Igor Grossmann of the University of Waterloo, says, 'These results are the first to demonstrate a new type of bias within ourselves when it comes to wise reasoning about an interpersonal relationship dilemma.'"

Future of Libraries | Christine McWebb (Stratford Campus) on CBC Radio | September 28 2014

Justin Trudeau's Sun Media boycott called short-sighted | Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science) comments in CBC | September 28 2014

"'Is a boycott the best response to that? I don't know,' Macfarlane told CBC News. 'But can we imagine a scenario where a lot of people would see a boycott as legitimate? I think so.'"

North-South Institute latest casualty of Ottawa’s war on evidence | John McLevey (Sociology & Legal Studies) writes for The Toronto Star | September 23 2014

"Canadians concerned about our country’s reputation and standing in the world should be deeply concerned about the North-South Institute closure. It will cause major damage to the quality and diversity of public debate in Canada on questions of international development, and is part of a larger trend toward breaking the already fragile links between science, social science and policy during the Harper years."

4 myths about mindfulness meditation | Jeff Wilson (Religious Studies) writes for CNN | September 14 2014

"Essentially, mindfulness is a technique of open awareness without judgment, which allows the meditator to observe their physical and mental actions and reactions without attachment or aversion."

The Star with the Franklin search: How the Franklin wreck was finally found | Robert Park (Anthropology) featured in The Toronto Star | September 9 2014

"He waved to Park to come over. Stenton followed. Stirling showed them the piece of iron which, as taught, he hadn’t touched.'As soon as I saw it, I knew it was different than anything we’d ever seen before in terms of its size and its very clear shape,' Stenton said."

Coolest Classes in Canada Will Make You Wish You Were Still a Student | Aimée Morrison's (English) class featured in Huffington Post | September 3 2014

"What it's all about: 'An examination of how digital communication technologies create and promote online identities and social spaces, as well as interpersonal and communal interactions.' And, according to the school, that includes LOLcat grammar, Facebook and selfies."