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Arts researchers in the media

Selected media hits featuring Arts faculty members:

Where to Find Wisdom in the Body | Igor Grossmann's (Psychology) research featured in The Huffington Post | May 24 2016

"Researcher Igor Grossmann from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and his colleagues at the University of Western Sydney in Australia, looked at how heart rate variability interacts with moral reasoning and judgment—or wisdom—in a series of experiments."

Professors from the School of Beyoncé talk Lemonade | Naila Keleta-Mae (Drama and Speech Communication) comments for The Toronto Star | May 24 2016

"Keleta-Mae applauds Beyoncé for making the black female experience the spine of a major pop album but balks at critics who feel Beyoncé isn’t enough of an agitator... 'If Beyoncé starts speaking about radical feminism then she is not Beyoncé anymore.'"

Matthew Fisher: Trudeau to Get Earful from Japanese Prime Minister on the Most Vexing Issue in Asia | David Welch (Political Science) comments for The Ottawa Citizen | May 23 2016

"David Welch, CIGI Chair in Global Security at Waterloo University’s Balsillie School of International Affairs, said the Trudeau government’s environmental priorities made exporting more extractive minerals or energy resources problematic."

Playing for the Future: How Video Games are Leading Innovation | The Games Institute featured in the Huffington Post Canada | May 19 2016

"The University of Waterloo's Games Institute is using games research and technology and applying them to non-game situations, a practice commonly known as gamification."