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Arts researchers in the media

Selected media hits featuring Arts faculty members:

Changes to Beer Store won't help consumers | Anindya Sen (Economics) writes for The Toronto Star | April 22 2015

"The proposed strategy will not result in more competition — grocery stores have been allowed only to carry beer but not compete. And this is the problem."

It's Time to End Our Dependence on Oil | Bessma Momani (Political Science) writes for The Huffington Post | April 22 2015

"In order to mitigate the potentially harmful effects of the recent drop in oil prices on greenhouse gas emissions reductions and renewable energy source development, swift action should be taken in the form of tax and subsidy reform and green energy investment stimulation."

Kitchener man aiding Canadian military against ISIS: report (video) | Lorne Dawson on CTV | April 20 2015

The surprising downsides of being clever | Igor Grossmann's (Psychology) research featured on BBC | April 14 2015

"'The concept of wisdom has an ethereal quality to it,' he admits. 'But if you look at the lay definition of wisdom, many people would agree it’s the idea of someone who can make good unbiased judgement.'"

Nuclear deal is good for Iran’s future and ours | Bessma Momani (Political Science) writes for The Toronto Star | April 11 2015

"A nuclear deal can be a means to empower Iran’s young, urban and cosmopolitan society and potentially sideline the hardliners, providing a path for reforms to come from within."

Should we really be turning investing into a video game? | Neil Randall (English, Games Institute) comments for Canadian Business | April 8 2015

"Games force people to focus on details, Randall explains. Goals and accomplishments need to be met in order to be successful, so you need to know the material that will help you win. In this case, the more you know about the stock market, the better you’ll do."

With Conservatives, the word of the moment is 'jihad' | Lorne Dawson (Sociology) comments for Embassy News | April 1 2015

"For Lorne Dawson, who teaches the sociology of religion at the University of Waterloo, 'jihadism' accepted in academia. 'It gets to the nub of things,' he says. 'Whatever the hell else is going on in terms of the groups’ or individuals’ beliefs, they’re individuals that have chosen to elevate jihadism, or jihad, the notion of holy war, to being a fundamental pillar of Islam.'"

Criticizing the court | Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science) comments for CBC | March 26 2015

"''We're dealing with nine very smart people, but nine unelected people, who don't actually answer to a lot of accountability and in that respect, public criticism is very important.'"

Emmett Macfarlane: Harper’s needless niqab fight | Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science) writes for The National Post | March 23 2015

"There are no security concerns. Identification is not the issue, as the identity of oath-takers can be (and has been) confirmed beforehand. The prime minister simply asserts that the niqab is contrary to Canadian values."

The (Paradoxical) Wisdom of Solomon | Igor Grossmann's (Psychology) research featured in The Huffington Post | March 13 2015

"It appears that people often reason more wisely about other people's social problems than about their own, though it's not clear why this would be, or what can be done to enhance wise reasoning in the personal realm."

Are smartphones making us too lazy to find answers?Nathaniel Barr (Psychology PhD alumnus) and Gordon Pennycook (Psychology PhD candidate) comment for Global News | March 10 2015

"'What we find is that the lazier thinkers tend to be more prone to look things up on their smartphones,' said post-doctoral researcher Nathaniel Barr."

Heavy smartphone use linked to lazy thinking, study findsNathaniel Barr (Psychology PhD alumnus) and Gordon Pennycook (Psychology PhD candidate) comment for CBC | March 9 2015

"'They may look up information that they actually know or could easily learn, but are unwilling to make the effort to actually think about it,' said Gordon Pennycook, the study’s other lead author."

Trusting the Peshmerga (video) | Bessma Momani (Political Science) on CTV | March 9 2015

Smartphone making us lazy? (video) | Nathaniel Barr (Psychology PhD alumnus) and Gordon Pennycook (Psychology PhD candidate) on CTV | March 9 2015

Easy Knowledge Can Be A Dangerous Thing (Maybe) | Nathaniel Barr (Psychology PhD alumnus) and Gordon Pennycook's (Psychology PhD candidate) research featured in NPR | March 9 2015

"Easy knowledge — of the kind provided by smartphones — could be dangerous not because it makes us lazy thinkers, but because it makes us poorly calibrated thinkers: Thinkers who are less attuned to the accuracy and completeness of what we think we know."

Puck possession helps predict playoff chances, analytics suggest | Phil Curry (Economics) writes for The Toronto Star | March 5 2015

"If a poor possession team has generated the same record as a good possession team over the first 60 games, which seems more likely to be able to step up its play down the stretch?"

Think before you reach for your phone, authors of lazy-thinking study say | Nathaniel Barr (Psychology PhD alumnus) and Gordon Pennycook (Psychology PhD candidate) comment for CTV | March 5 2015

"'We really do have powerful tools at our disposal and I think it’s important to think about what the right balance is between internal thinking and external sourcing of information.'"

Reintegrating Canada's ISIS recruits (radio) | Bessma Momani (Political Science) on CBC | March 1 2015

‘Soft security’ measures also needed to battle home-grown radicalism, experts say | Lorne Dawson (Sociology) comments for The Toronto Star | February 27 2015

"'We’re dealing with a cluster phenomenon. We’re dealing with a situation where group dynamics are absolutely crucial,' Dawson says."

Q&A: Cult expert Lorne Dawson on the lure of terrorism (with video) | Lorne Dawson (Sociology) interviewed for The Ottawa Citizen | February 26 2015

"'I think some people overshoot the mark. They get enthusiastic and wrapped up in this bandwagon effect, out of their desire to prove what a good convert they are. They have a very limited knowledge base on which to judge the quality of the things they’re hearing.'"

If IS falls, Canada must be ready for the return of foreign fighters | Bessma Momani (Political Science) and Lorne Dawson (Sociology) write for The Globe and Mail | February 23 2015

"Canada’s involvement in the military campaign against Islamic State (IS) carries an added risk if we win: the return of foreign fighters to home soil. Canada’s Bill C-51 is ill equipped for this unintended consequence and we need to prepare."

What we’re talking about when we talk about ‘judicial activism’ | Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science) writes for Maclean's Magazine | February 23 2015

"Charges of judicial activism, however, are inherently tricky and sometimes incoherent. In a lot of public discourse, complaints about activist decisions are simply complaints from someone who disagrees with a particular outcome."

Chris Williams, raised in Kitchener, wins Oscar for Big Hero 6 | Chris Williams (Fine Arts alumnus) comments for CBC | February 22 2015

"It seems even bigger this time — there are more events, there's more press, seemingly more coverage this time around than even what I experienced five years ago, which even at the time was pretty overwhelming."

To Make Better Decisions, Pretend You’re Deciding for Someone Else | Igor Grossmann's (Psychology) research featured in New York Magazine | February 20 2015

"As the researchers expected, the people who were thinking about what their friend should do tended to answer in ways that demonstrated more wisdom than those who were thinking about themselves."

The link between childhood shyness and teen angst (radio) | Heather Henderson (Psychology) on CBC| February 19 2015

NHL’s draft lottery seems to help fight tanking | Phil Curry (Economics) writes for The Toronto Star | February 12

"For fans of those teams clearly out of the former, losses are cheered perhaps more than wins as tanking is seen as the best route for the future."

Eyes on Jordan (video) | Bessma Momani (Political Science) on The Agenda | February 10

On assisted suicide, the Supreme Court confronts Parliament’s cowardice | Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science) writes for Maclean's Magazine | February 6 2015

"For many critics of the Court’s decision, a key issue will be that of 'slippery slopes.' How can we ensure there won’t be abuses of the system, including cases where it is difficult to judge individuals’ capacity for consent?"

How high speed rail, built by China, could be good for Ontario (radio) | Hongying Wang (Political Science) on CBC | February 6 2015

Think the 'Me Me Me Generation' is new? Think again: Society began shifting towards individualism more than a CENTURY ago | Igor Grossmann (Psychology) comments for The Daily Mail UK | February 6 2015

"'As demands of American society shifted from manual labour to office jobs, Americans gained education and wealth, both of which promote self-direction and ultimately facilitate individualism.'"

Battleground Ontario (video) | Anna Esselment (Political Science) on The Agenda | January 29 2015

New anti-terror bill could put chill on freedom of speech | Lorne Dawson (Sociology) comments for CBC | January 29 2015

"'There is already an increasing sense that it is a forbidden topic — it’s too potentially dangerous and words could be misconstrued or misunderstood. It’s silencing.'"

Filling Senate vacancies | Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science) comments for National Magazine | January 29 2015

"'Courts have been pretty unwilling to interfere directly with executive prerogative powers, and although there is a legitimate claim rooted in the Constitution's text, I'd be surprised to see a judicial order made that compels the prime minister to make appointments, at least at this point,' he says."

ISIS and Jordan continue to negotiate prisoner swap (video) | Bessma Momani (Political Science) on Global News | January 28 2015

When Like doesn't mean like: Experts say there's nuance to Facebook behaviour | Aimee Morrison (English) comments for The Times Colonist | January 25 2015

"'I don't think we've done any real thinking about the norms of interaction in the Facebook space and I think it matters.'"

Technology and art collide in St. Jacobs (radio) | Jill Tomasson Goodwin (Drama and Speech Communication) on CBC | January 22 2015

Big brewers’ Ontario monopoly threatened | Anindya Sen (Economics) comments for The Globe and Mail | January 22 2015

"'There is a conflict of interest,' University of Waterloo economist Anindya Sen said. 'If you have three major breweries who are controlling retail access, what incentive is there to grow the brands of their competitors?'"

Sabres have best shot at Connor McDavid, analytics suggest | Phil Curry (Economics) writes for The Toronto Star | January 22 2015

"Buffalo, meanwhile, is predicted to get the best shot at Connor McDavid in the lottery as Edmonton is predicted to recover from its disastrous first half by posting a much improved second-half record (better than five other teams, including Calgary and Toronto)."

Southwestern Ontario a key federal election battleground, says prof | Anna Esselment (Political Science) comments for CBC | January 21 2015

"'We have a more diversified economy and the thought is perhaps Ontario will be able to get us through the next year or so, where the reliance had been on the west,' said Esselment."

Using traces from Vancouver’s past, a vibrant community is recognized | Susan Roy's (History) research featured in The Globe and Mail | January 16 2015

"Historian Susan Roy has researched the archeological work done during that time, and how the site and its original inhabitants were interpreted and portrayed to the public. She found theories suggesting those inhabitants were of a different race from the Musqueam, ideas derived in part by analyzing skulls."

Is the victim surcharge the next Supreme Court failure for Conservative crime agenda? | Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science) comments for The Ottawa Citizen | January 10 2015

"'As much as this is about the question of fairness with respect to the victim surcharge policy itself, I think this is also about judicial discretion. It kind of goes hand in hand with other issues like mandatory minimum sentencing.'"

The rise and fall of the new Turkey | Bessma Momani (Political Science) writes for The Toronto Star | January 6 2015

"In the last decade, observers of Turkey have marvelled at how far this great country has come. Taking advantage of its geostrategic position, its large and educated youth population, and its wide access to the markets that surround it, Turkey has been a great success story. [...] But President Recep Erdogan is now personally taking Turkey down a path of self-destruction from which it may be difficult to return."

The G20 didn’t help much during the financial crisis | Eric Helleiner (Political Science) interviewed in The Washington Post | January 6 2015

"Foreign official support for the dollar during the crisis reflected a number of distinct political factors that aligned in certain ways at the time. I don’t think we can assume that the alignment will be the same in a future crisis, not least because of various political reactions to the crisis experience, both abroad and within the U.S. itself."

Maple Leafs likely to miss playoffs, hockey analytics suggest | Phil Curry (Economics) writes for The Toronto Star | December 11 2014

"One of the biggest contributions of the current analytics movement has been to emphasize that teams can go on hot runs over relatively large stretches while being largely outplayed, but that such success is generally not sustainable for a full season."

Armed and Dangerous | Veronica Kitchen (Political Science) comments for The Walrus | December 1 2014

"Besides the privatization of security, mass events result in large one-time equipment purchases, which have unforeseeable uses. 'It’s often at these events where police forces can argue they need extra security equipment,' Kitchen told me."