Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council  

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, 2020

Susan Roy, History. Six Miles Deep: Mapping Histories of Environmental Transformation in the Grand River Territories of the Haudenosaunee.

SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant, 2020

Randy Harris, English Language & Literature. Understanding how the mind is wired to remember language.

Bessma Momani, Political Science. Partnering to Improve Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs' Success.

Susan Roy, History. Dancing Histories: Archiving Indigenous Performance in Canada.

Rashmee Singh, Sociology & Legal Studies. A Partnership to Evaluate the Impact of COVID-19 on Criminal Justice and Community Responses to Domestic Violence: The Realities of Victim Safety and Offender Accountability.

SSHRC Connection Grant, 2020

Christopher Bennett, Political Science. "No Man Is An Island": Territorial rights, climate change, and the case of environmentally displaced people.

Igor Grossmann, Psychology. Post-Pandemic Kaleidoscope: Behavioral and Social Scientists' Wisdom for Navigating the New Normal.

Imre Szeman, Communication Arts. Petrocultures2020: Transformations.

SSHRC Insight Grant, 2020

Douglas Brown, Psychology. The Antecedents of Abusive Supervision: A Self-Regulatory Identity Based Approach. 

Gary Bruce, History. Night of the Long Knives: Acquiescence, Masculinity, and the Path to Nazi Mass Murder.

Susan Cadell, Social Work (Ren). Healing Tattoos.

Heather Henderson, Psychology. Making new friends: The impact of shyness on unfamiliar children's interactions.

Ian Milligan, History. Averting the Digital Dark Age: The Digital Preservation Movement, 1991-2001

Rashmee Singh, Sociology &  Legal Studies. The Role of the Penal Voluntary Sector in the Governance of the Sex Trade: A Comparative Study.

Joyce Tian, School of Accounting & Finance. Corporate Governance with Biased Managers.

David Welch, Political Science. Why do leaders fail to learn from history (and how might they succeed)?

SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2020

Jordana Cox, Communication Arts. Newsworthy: journalistic imagination in Alexandra Bell's "Counternarratives" and Hill and Silvera's "Liberty Deferred."

Lai-Tze Fan, English Language & Literature. Unseen Hands: A Material History of Women as Writing Machines in Typewriters, Word Processors, and Computers.

Greta Kroeker, History. The Reformation of Rape: The Early Modern Foundations of European Rape Culture (1450-1800.

Heather Love, English Language & Literature. The Rhetoric of Techno-Mediated Maternity in Early 20th-Century Literature, Media, and Medicine.

Uzma Rehman, Psychology. Sexuality in Older Age: How Attitudes Toward Aging Predict the Quality of Sexual Communication.

Katherine White, Psychology. Listeners' linguistic and social expectations about bilingual speakers.

Heather Whiteside, Political Science. Holding the Purse Strings: Joint-Stock Royal Charter Companies and the Origins of Capitalism in North America.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

NSERC Discovery Grant, 2020

Stephanie Denison, Psychology. Probability learning and statistical inference in infancy and early childhood.

Chris Eliasmith, Philosophy. Large-scale neural models of cognitive function.

Myra Fernandes, Psychology. Factors influencing cognitive and neural representations contributing to memory.

NSERC Science Communication Skills Grant (pilot), 2020

Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher, English Language & Literature. RCIScience-UWaterloo Science Communication Certificate.

Ontario Grants

Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence Grant (Round 10), 2020

Naila Keleta-Mae, Communication Arts. Freedom in Black Expressive Culture.