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Teaching Spring 2020 - End of Term Reminders

Teaching Fall 2020 - Beginning of Term Reminders

On this page you'll find the resources you need for teaching undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Arts in a particular term, including important dates, grades, academic rules for assignments and tests, academic integrity information, course outline requirements, as well as resources for course development and student support.

Previously this information was distributed in the Beginning of Term and End of Term memos sent by the Arts Undergraduate Office. It has now been reorganized and converted to a web format. This page is a work in progress, and will continue to be enhanced - we welcome your feedback as we fine-tune it.  

If you prefer to access this information offline or in a single document, select EXPAND ALL below, then save a PDF version of this page.

Last updated: July 23, 2020. 

Spring 2020 End of Term Reminders Assignments, Tests, Final Exams, Reading Week
Fall 2020 Beginning of Term Reminders Grades
Teaching Resources Academic Integrity, Student Discipline - Policy 71
Fall 2020 Important Dates Course Evaluations
Spring 2020 Important Dates Student Support
Religious Observances Privacy and Information Management
Class Enrolment Contacts
Course Outline / Syllabus - Requirements