Work-term report

Co-op students in the Faculty of Arts must successfully complete four work terms and submit four satisfactory work reports. A work report must be submitted for each of the four work terms. The first work report, which is to be completed during the student’s first work term, will be satisfied by successful completion of PD12: Reflection and Learning in the Workplace, the second professional development course (i.e., successful completion of PD12 equals credit for work report one).

Work-term report submission and assessment are managed through the University's learning management system (LEARN), with the student's honours discipline program being responsible for the assessment. 

Submission Deadline: With the exception of PD12, which must be completed by the end of the first work term, students must submit co-op work-term reports by no later than the tenth day of classes in the academic term following the co-op work term for which the work report was prepared. For example:

  • if you are on work-term during the Fall, you must submit by the tenth day of classes in winter term.
  • if you are on work-term during the Winter, you must submit by the tenth day of classes in spring term.
  • if you are on work-term during the Spring, you have until the tenth day of classes in fall term. 

Complete work-report guidelines (PDF)

Note: Students in the AFM program are required to complete a different work report assignment. Please refer to the AFM work term reflections page for further instructions. 

Professional development courses

As a co-op student at Waterloo, you'll take online PD courses for the WatPD program. These courses help you increase your employability and assist you with seeing connections between workplace experience and what you learn in the classroom. You'll complete four of these PD courses during your time at university.