Thinking about going on exchange? 

As an Arts student, you're connected to over 90 universities in more than 25 countries through our full-term exchange agreements and summer programs, which can be explored through Waterloo International's Passport web site ("search programs" link). 

Exchange Destinations

To help you prepare to plan your exchange term we've organized our partnerships by country below. Click on countries you are interested in traveling to and you will see information about the partnerships, term dates, credit transfers and previously approved courses.

Are you planning to go on exchange in the Fall term? Some of our partner universities have term dates (start and end dates) that differ from UWaterloo's schedule. Choosing to attend an exchange at a partnership with differing term dates may affect your study sequence upon your return. If you want to research schools that have complementary term dates, please see our list below of partner universities with Fall term ending in December.


Partner universities with Fall term ending in December or allowing advanced December assessment

The table below lists partner universities that end their Fall term in December, similar to UWaterloo. By going to these institutions students can return on time for the Winter term in January, allowing them to continue on time with their next work or study term.

Country Institution Name

Bond - December end.
Other Australian partners (Term takes place July - November)

Austria University of Graz (depending or permission of Graz professor)
The Caribbean University of the West Indies - all 3 campuses
Finland   University of Helsinki
 University of Oulu

Lyon 3 (Self Program)
University Paris Dauphine (courses in French as second language and those given in English)

Germany Mannheim
Hong Kong

Chinese University of Hong Kong
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
University of Hong Kong

Iceland University of Iceland
Ireland Trinity College Dublin
Japan Akita
Netherlands Erasmus -Rotterdam (Term officially ends in December)
Tillburg (possibility of proctored exams)
New Zealand University of Canterbury (Term takes place: July to November)

University of Bergen
University of Oslo


Nanyang Technological University
National University of Singapore
Singapore University of Technology and Design
(Note: Fall term generally starts on August 1)

South Korea Ewha Womans University
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
​Seoul National University
Yonsei University
United Kingdom

University of Birmingham
University of Dundee
University of Lancaster
University of Newcastle
University of Sussex
University College London
University of Warwick

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