After your trip

Student standing in front of mural.

When you return home...

  • Expect some reverse culture shock! A helpful antidote: talk to others who have already been away on exchange.
  • Please fill out an exchange debriefing form and send to the Arts International Exchange Coordinator (Eric Breugst at
  • Expect to be “debriefed” by Arts International and possibly Waterloo International. You may be invited to share your exchange experiences on the Arts International website.
  • Expect to be asked to network with Waterloo students preparing for an exchange. Your experiences will be very valuable to them! Thank you in advance!

Transcripts and credits

  • You will receive an official transcript, from your overseas university usually within two months of returning home, with your course grades indicated in alpha or numerical form. Note: many partner universities in the United Kingdom send Fall and/or Winter term transcripts the following July as the grades must be approved by a British Examination Board who meet only once a year in June.
  • Your overseas university will also send your official transcript to Waterloo International so your Waterloo equivalent credits can be established.
  • The results indicated on your partner university transcript will be compared with the pre-approved courses on your Waterloo Exchange Course Approval form that has been kept in your file with the Waterloo Arts Exchange Coordinator. The corresponding  pre-determined  Waterloo credits will be granted for courses in which you have received a minimum grade of 60% or C (occasionally C+ for a few partner universities).
  • The approved credits will be added to your Waterloo record with the designation “credit”, but without any numerical grade. In other words, these credits transferred from the overseas partner university will have no bearing on your Waterloo average.  Please note, too, that any courses failed at the partner university will not appear on your Waterloo record. They will however, appear as failures on your overseas transcript.