In this interview video, Brendan talks about his international exchange experience in South Korea, at EHWA Womans University. 

Click CC to play with English-language subtitles. 

Questions answered: 

  • Introduction
  • Why did you choose to go to EHWA? 
  • So EHWA is a women’s university, can you explain a little about the student population there? 
  • What were the courses you took abroad at EHWA and did all of them count toward your major or minor?
  • What are the teaching and learning styles like in Korea as compared to Canada or UWaterloo in particular? 
  • For your exchange, did you find that it was difficult to get buy in Korea without knowing Korean? 
  • How was the cost of living in Korea? 
  • How did you like the food? 
  • What’s one thing you like about Korean culture? What was challenging or hard to get used to?
  • Did you do any travelling whilst you were in Korea?
  • How would you say this exchange has impacted you as a student and as a person? 
  • Is there anything you want to say to those students considering going on exchange or going to Korea?