In the following videos, Keira talks about her experience as an international student at University College London (UCL) in London, England, as an intern at RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany and again her experience as an international student at Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia. 

Enjoy the following three clips as she tells us about her travels around the world. 

Click CC to play with English-language subtitles.

United Kingdom

0:09- Introduction
0:35- Why Keira decided to go to London.
1:23- Keira's accommodation and the cost of living in London.
2:36- Keira's courses at UCL.
3:48- Student life at UCL.
5:07- Challenges and obstacles in the UK.
6:27- UCL breaks from school and exploring Europe. 


0:07- Why Keira decided to go to Germany and where she went.
1:03- What Keira did for her internship.
1:50- Who she worked with during her internship.
2:19- Keira's accommodation in Aachen.
3:32- What it was like living in Aachen and cost of living. 

Australia (and final comments)  

0:08- Why Keira decided to go to Australia and where she went.
1:24- Keira's classes at Bond University.
2:37- Keira's accommodation in Gold Coast, Australia.
3:41- Safety in Australia and at Bond University.
4:39- Keira's encounter with a kangaroo.
5:08- Taking part in Australian culture (specifically surfing).
5:46- Inclusivity at Bond University and meeting new people.
6:46- Challenges and obstacles at Bond (missing class).
7:49- Classroom sizes at Bond.
8:29- Travelling in and outside of Australia.
9:12- Research week at Bond.
9:31- Keira's favourite experience of all her abroad opportunities.
10:03- How Keira's experiences impacted her as a person and student (what she has learned).
11:25- How Keira was able to organize her three exchanges.
12:59- Keira's advise for students and conclusion.