In this video, Michael talks about his experience as an international student at Paris Dauphine University and as a volunteer in Haiti through St. Jerome's Beyond Borders program.

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0:09- Introduction
0:50- Why did Michael decide to go to Paris.
1:20- Orientation at Paris Dauphine University.
1:46- Courses abroad at Paris Dauphine University.
2:22- Enrolling in classes at Paris Dauphine University.
2:54- University life at Paris Dauphine University.
3:33- Cost of living in Paris.
4:41- Challenges and obstacles in Paris.
5:17- Exploring Europe
5:57- Advise for students going to Paris/ on an academic exchange
6:29- Coming back to Canada
6:58- Introduction to Haiti and Michael's volunteer experience.
7:29- Michael's tasks for his volunteer position in Haiti.
8:22- Living in Haiti.
9:04- Travelling in and outside of Haiti.
9:54- How Michael's experiences influenced him.
10:40- Michael's greatest memory abroad.
11:41- Conclusion and final comments/advise.