In this video, Sakshi talks about her experience as an international student at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the amazing realtionships she gained from going abroad.  

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0:04- Introduction
0:27- Why did Sakshi go to Tilburg.
0:49- What kind of courses did she take at Tilburg and how they compared to Waterloo.
2:26- University life at Tilburg
3:25- Accommodation in Tilburg.
4:13- Food in the Netherlands.
4:51- Cultural challenges and obstacles in the Netherlands.
5:49- What to do in Tilburg.
6:16- Safety in the town of Tilburg.
6:31- Sakshi's school schedual.
7:05- Dutch cultural activities that Sakshi partook in.
7:53- Favourite experience abroad.
8:26- How Sakshi's experiences influenced her.
9:33- What Sakshi brought back with her from the Netherlands.
10:20- Weather in the Netherlands.
10:35- Transportation in the Netherlands.
11:16- Sakshi's advise for students going on exchange.
12:07- Conclusion and final comments/advise.