In this interview video, Sarah talks about her international exchange experience in Spain, at the University of Navarra. 

Click CC to play with English-language subtitles. 

(00:00-00:43) Tell us about yourself and where you went.
(00:44-01:16) Were you actually able to use and practice Spanish while you were there? 
(01:17-01:56) How did the university life differ there from Waterloo's? 
(01:57-02:24) What was student involvement around the Universidad de Navarra campus like? 
(02:25-02:53) Tell us about your living arrangements in Spain.
(02:54-03:22) How was the cost of food and groceries in Spain? 
(03:33-04:09) Name one aspect of Spanish culture you found particularly interesting.
(04:10-04:35) What are some of the difficulties you faced in Spain?
(04:36-05:04) Did you travel abroad?
(05:05-05:22) How much was the cost of transportation between these places?
(05:23-05:53) Out of all the places you visited, where would you go, if you could do a second exchange? Why? 
(05:54-06:24) How has this experience impacted you? 
(06:25-06:50) What are some tips or words of advice you have for someone considering an exchange? 
(06:51-07:13) Teach us how to say something in Spanish that you'd commonly hear in Spain.