In this interview video, Shirley talks about her international volunteering experience in Venezuela! 

Click CC to play with English-language subtitles. 

Video Summary: 

(00:00-00:35) Please tell us about yourself and where you went. 
(00:35-01:09) What was the reason for your choice of destination? 
(01:09-02:04) Where did you find the opportunity, and was it difficult to arrange to go over?
(02:04-03:50) Tell us about the people you worked with and tell us about the type of work you did.  
(03:50-05:29) How has the experience benefitted you? What did you take from the experience? 
(05:29-06:10) Were there any cultural differences or language barriers?
(06:10-06:54) Any tips for people who are going overseas?
(06:54-08:08) Did you have any travel opportunities while you were there? Interesting experiences?
(08:08-08:46) What are your future plans?