Exchange course approvals

An important part of preparing for your exchange is your course selection and approval of transfer credits. Please read the steps below.

Step One - Determine your course needs

After you’ve been matched for an exchange, book an appointment with your academic advisor(s) first, to determine your course needs and review your study plan. Your academic advisor must approve any courses towards a major, minor, diploma or specialization. The exchange advisor may also approve specific and generic courses where possible. If you do not get your courses approved before departing for exchange, you risk not meeting your degree or academic plan requirements. 

Step Two – Determine your required course load

Please review the Destinations you plan to study at to determine how many courses you need on exchange. It's important you understand the credit system of the host institution to complete a full-term course load or the equivalent of 5 UW courses.

You can now begin to research and browse the host university’s course offerings online and determine courses of interest. This research should include priority courses you want and some backup courses.

Step Three - Submit your course requests

For non-Arts Students: Please connect with your home faculty Exchange Representative and use this form to send requests for possible Arts course equivalencies. 

For AFM Students: Please contact your academic advisor in the School of Accounting and Finance to review your eligibility for an exchange –  

For GBDA Students: Please see the GBDA Go Abroad website - Course Selection for your course approval process. Do not follow the instructions below.

For all other Arts Students: Once you have determined your course needs, required course load and courses of interest at the host university, please submit your course approval request by e-mail to your academic advisor and copy

You must include the following information:

  • your name and student ID
  • the name of the exchange university
  • the course title(s) (8 courses maximum including your priority choices and backup courses)
  • the course description(s), and URL link(s) or syllabi
  • the course weight(s)
  • confirm if you are looking to receive approval as a generic or specific transfer credit (see Commonly Asked Questions below)
  • possible UWaterloo course equivalencies that you have researched and may be possible matches (not guaranteed but will assist us).

You will receive a reply within 1-3 business days of sending your course approval email.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • How do I register in courses? The Global Learning Coordinators will provide you with more information about how to register in courses at the partner instiution. This may be part of the partner application process after you are matched or may happen separately. 
  • Can I make course changes after I arrive? Yes, if you need or want to make changes once you get to your exchange, you will need approval of those courses. Follow the same process as above to get approval. We will work as quickly as possible to review your requests, however do not wait until the last minute to request changes. The minute you know you need to make a change, send us an email.  

If you have any questions about course approvals, please contact