One of the most important steps in preparing for your study experience is the selection and approval of courses (and transfer credits) you wish to take.  

Step One - Determine your course needs and numbers

Determine your course needs

Book an appointment with your academic advisor(s) to determine your course needs. 

Depending on your needs, you may want to choose courses relating to your UW Major, Minor and/or Breadth requirements.  You also want to confirm if there are any restrictions in your program, as certain UW programs place restrictions on courses that can be taken on exchange. Examples:

  • the UW Economics Department will not allow you to take any required courses on exchange and limits you to taking only two elective economics courses.  

  • the UW Psychology Department will not allow you to take statistics and research method courses.

Determine how many courses you can take

Please ensure you read the Course Approval FAQ to better understand how many courses you will need to take while away. It is very important you understand the credit system of the partner institution as you are expected to complete a “full term course load" while away. In other words, you must complete the equivalent of 5 UW courses at the partner university (given that you pay the equivalent of 5 courses when away on exchange). 

Step Two - Submit your course requests

After you've been approved and placed for exchange, please begin to submit your course requests by e-mail to Make sure to include the following information:

  • the course title

  • the course description, and URL link or syllabus if available

  • the course weight

  • the university the course is being offered at 

You will receive a reply confirming if your request was approved or declined.

Going to a French Partner University (MICEFA and Ontario-Rhône/Alpes)?

Because a Language Placement Test is required before you are placed in courses, it is typically necessary to wait until you have the results of this test before being able to make your course choices. For this reason you will have to have your courses approved by the associated UW Language Department Advisor(s) only after you have taken this test in France.

After you've arrived

If you need to make changes to your courses after your arrival please do so by submitting course requests as per the process above. We will work as quickly as possible to review your requests, however do not wait until the last minute to request changes.