International Exchange

Arts students who go on exchange:

  • Broaden their world view and experience the subjects they study first-hand
  • Enhance their cultural understanding and cross-cultural communication skills
  • Learn how to be adaptable and innovative in today's globalized world
  • Earn credit towards their UW degree!

*New* Mandatory Information Sessions

Students who are interested in participating in an exchange or study abroad program in the 2019/2020 academic year, will will be required to attend an information session before they can apply. Please see the Go Abroad website for upcoming dates and times.

Funding your exchange experience

  • When away one exchange, you will study at another school but still pay tuition to and earn credit at UWaterloo.
  • You are still eligible for OSAP and other forms of financial assistance while on exchange.
  • You are responsible for covering application, travel, and living costs, which vary by country. Further information to help you calculate how much your exchange might cost is available in Waterloo Passport.

Exchange Destinations

To help you plan for an exchange term, we've organized our partnerships by country below.

Once you have determined which destination(s) your are interested in, please review the detailed school  profiles and additional information found in Waterloo Passport (click the "search programs" link located at the top left). 

It is important you know that to receive credit for courses completed on exchange, you need to achieve a passing grade as determined by the partner school’s grading system.


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