Chinese flagBelow is a list of partner institutions in China. Please visit the Passport Search Programs page to view further information on the partners below (including links to each school’s website, term dates, estimate living costs, housing options, and much more).

Typically, you must complete 4-6 courses per term to transfer back as 2.5 UW credits (differences have been noted below). To receive credit for courses on exchange, you need to achieve a passing grade as determined by the partner school’s grading system. To request further details about credits at a partner institution below, please email

  • Ontario/Jiangsu Exchange Program (Jiangsu Region) - various participating universities
    • Note: Limited courses are available in English and course details are generally not available until after arrival in China.
    • Students who are interested in this program should contact the Study Abroad Coordinator right away with a list of courses you would require as transfer credits at Waterloo. Chinese culture and language programs are available; however, core courses need to be negotiated early in advance.
  • Soochow University (Suzhou) [4-5 courses = 2.5 UW units]
  • Tsinghua University (Beijing) [5-6 courses = 2.5 UW units; students are not permitted to take courses with a credit weight of 1]