Arts and Business course waiting list

Arts and Business course override requests 
Spring 2020

Please use this form if you are requesting an override for the following courses:

  • ARBUS 200
  • ARBUS 202
  • ARBUS 301
  • ARTS 280

Cross-listed and other ARBUS-required courses: If you are requesting an override for AFM 333, ENGL 210F, MGMT 244, MGMT 345, or PHIL 215, or PSCI 231, please do not use this waiting list. Instead, consult the Arts enrolment problems page for instructions.

Important notes

  • Waitlist submission does not guarantee you will be able to enroll in your course of choice.
  • Overrides will not be granted for full courses. An override can only be granted if space becomes available. 
  • Overrides will not be granted if you are missing a prerequisite course, or required academic level, in most cases.
  • Overrides will not be granted to take ARBUS 300 and ARBUS 400 during the same term. 
  • If you have submitted a waiting list request and no longer wish to be considered for the course, please email Kayla Lorentz to have your name removed.


  1. Fill out a separate request for each course you wish to be considered for.
  2. The Arts and Business advisor will contact you by email with the outcome of your request, whether or not it is approved. Please be patient. 
  3. Please do not submit duplicate requests for the same course. 

    Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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