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Transfer to Arts

Transferring from another college or university

The process for transferring from another institution can vary, depending on how many courses you’d like to take and if you’ve previously attended University of Waterloo. Visit the transfer student section of the Undergraduate Admissions website to understand the admissions process and submit questions unique to your situation. 

If you've been admitted to the Faculty of Arts, visit our Course Selection website.

Transferring from another UW Faculty

For the Bachelor of Arts degree, a request to transfer should be made no later than one month prior to the start of the term in which the new program will begin.

However, if you are in your first term at Waterloo and realize that your current program is not for you, and you are interested in transferring to Arts, make an appointment with the Arts Undergraduate Office immediately.

Steps for transferring:

  1. Complete an Arts Internal Transfer Worksheet (PDF) prior to meeting with the Arts academic advisor.
  2. Make an appointment with your academic advisor in your current Faculty to understand the academic options available within your current degree program and if a change in degree program is the right option for you.
  3. Make an appointment with an Arts academic advisor in the Arts Undergraduate Office to request a transfer.
  4. If the Arts Academic advisor believes transferring is the right option for you, a Plan Modification / Internal Transfer form will be completed and evaluated. In some cases, a Non-Degree term in your current faculty will be required in order to qualify for admission to the Faculty of Arts.
  5. We also recommend students consult a Career Advisor at the Tatham Centre to discuss their change in degree and career planning.

If approved for transfer, you’ll be placed into the appropriate academic year based upon the number of academic credits you’ve completed. Your Arts Advisor will assist with future term course selections.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts degree requirements are located in the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar.

Common to All Bachelor of Arts Degrees:

Arts Academic plans

Students who transfer to the Faculty of Arts from another UW Faculty, or who are Readmitted to the Faculty of Arts after a Failed academic standing decision from another UW Faculty, are admitted to the Liberal Studies academic plan in Arts.

Liberal Studies is a flexible academic plan; it does not require students to follow the requirements for an Arts major. While many students graduate with a BA in Liberal Studies, there is also the option for Liberal Studies students to declare an Arts major at a future time if the student is academically eligible. The Arts website has information to assist students to understand how and when they can declare a major, as well as, an Honours Arts prospective major chart with course selection advice.