Employee appreciation day - March 4

Friday, March 4, 2022

A message from Marilyn Thompson, Associate Provost, Human Resources.

In recognition of Employee Appreciation day, the leadership team at the University of Waterloo wants to express our appreciation and thanks for the extraordinary job each of you has been doing since this pandemic started nearly two years ago.  Many of you continued to work from our campuses to provide and maintain the necessities that allowed our institution to operate in a different environment. Others found new and innovative ways to accomplish your work remotely. Thank you for supporting our students, our institution, and each other.

There is much to celebrate this year as we have adapted, rethought, and transformed how we work to continuously provide excellent academic programming. It is that innovative spirit and drive in all of you that helped achieve our goals as we strive to return to full in person experiences. Everything that happens at Waterloo is possible because of you and your focused dedication to our purpose and mission.  And for that, we are genuinely grateful.

We hope that our appreciation for one another doesn’t stop with this message or with this day. We encourage you to create a culture of recognition in your areas by making peer-to-peer, team, manager, and leadership recognition a regular occurrence. To help and support these actions, we have developed a helpful employee appreciation and recognition guide for all to use. From simple suggestions to online courses available to employees, this helpful guide should assist you to create sustainable, thoughtful recognition and appreciation in the workplace at Waterloo.

We truly appreciate all that you bring to our University community and are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside you each and every day.

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