Excellence Canada is Going-for-Gold University-Wide

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In 2014, the Library piloted the implementation of Excellence Canada’s Excellence, Innovation, and Wellness (EIW) Standard at the Bronze (first) level. Since then, eight units have successfully integrated the EIW Standard at the Bronze or Silver levels:

  • Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (Bronze, January 2016)
  • Faculty of Mathematics (Bronze, January 2016)
  • Information Systems & Technology (Bronze, in progress)
  • Office of the President (Silver, January 2016)
  • Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost (Silver, November 2016)
  • Organizational & Human Development (Silver, November 2016)
  • Human Resources (Silver, November 2016)
  • Library (Bronze, October 2014; Silver, April 2017)

The overarching goal of this university-wide initiative is to advance the University’s Strategic Plan and eight strategic themes and, in particular, the Robust Employer-Employee Relationship theme. Moving forward, the University will be integrating the EIW Standard at the Gold level for the University as a whole, as opposed to certifying each Faculty, Office, and Service Unit individually. This new approach will provide a common framework against which each Faculty and Department of the university can assess its operations using nationally recognized quality standards of leadership, planning, service to students, people engagement, and process management. It will enable the University as a whole to address any institution-wide gaps that are identified and develop supporting initiatives to benefit the University community.

An Excellence Canada Advisory Committee with representation from across campus has been established to guide the integration of the EIW Standard at the Gold level. The Advisory Committee will provide more information about this initiative on a regular basis and will be inviting employees to participate in baseline preliminary assessment activities that will measure the University against the EIW Standards. You are encouraged to take the opportunity to provide your feedback through surveys, focus groups, and website links as they are announced.

For more information, contact any member of the University’s Excellence Canada Advisory Committee.

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