The University of Waterloo is a world class employer, building on our willingness to innovate and embrace new approaches to doing our work in alignment with the Strategic Plan.


The University of Waterloo will continuously improve how we work together, both internally and externally, to deliver world class experiences to students, employees, and researchers.


To establish and execute a continuous improvement 3-5 year plan. 

  1. Develop a management framework and body of knowledge

  2. Establish and deliver a formal training/education curriculum
  3. Create an environment of knowledge sharing internal and external to the University
  4. Establish a continuous improvement measurement process
  5. Achieve institutional quantitative and qualitative improvements

Supporting the University's 2020-2025 Strategic plan, a Continuous Improvement culture provides a consistent framework and set of tools for improving processes within the University of Waterloo. It is founded on Lean principles of defining value within work processes and improving operational work. Continuous Improvement principles empower employees to voice their opinion and feedback towards their everyday work and helps create problem-solvers within a team. To learn more about CI at Waterloo, visit the CI website.

Lean HE Community

In September 2015, the University of Waterloo hosted the Lean in Higher Education (LeanHE) Conference, welcoming Lean HE enthusiasts from around the globe. We have been a member of the LeanHE community since the conference. Marilyn Thompson, Associate Provost, Human Resources at Waterloo, chaired the Americas chapter within the international Lean Higher Education network of universities from 2015 - 2017. The LeanHE community aims to support continuous improvement in the Higher Education sector to best support employees, students, faculties, and researchers.